Togo: An early warning system for earthquakes!

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Monday, February 6, 2023

Togo: An early warning system for earthquakes!

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IUCN Lebanese national committee president, and the Past District Governor for Lions Clubs International district 351 (Lebanon -Jordan-Iraq-Palestine) Fadi Ghanem took to Twitter to share his last story: "Even today, nobody can reliably predict when and where an earthquake will occur. I heard many stories on animal's behaviors before earthquakes."

He added: "But now I am sure of it. Togo, our dog detect early signs of earthquake! He started barking minutes before the first strike, and warned us once again before the second one."

Also Ghanem shared another story: "Same happened with my friend Assaad (General Director of SPNL, chairman of Birdlife Middle East Partnership, the winner of Midori Prize 2018, and IUCN life member) and his cat Gypsy. No words can explain my feelings, with all respect."

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